Our standards

ISO 9002 is our assurance to clients of quality certification including benchmarking and standardisation of services, and that our services are continuously audited and reviewed to demonstrate compliance with the latest professional and medical practices.

Medical standards committee
This committee consists of medical practitioners, who are permanent employees of Life Occupational Health, and who have diplomas in occupational healthcare medicine. The committee meets on a quarterly basis, and amongst other things ensures the implementation of internationally accepted best practice in occupational healthcare.

Nursing committees
These regional committees meet on a monthly basis. Meetings are chaired by the regional operations managers, and primarily serve as a conduit for information from the above committees, as well as the dissemination of training and support to clinic staff.

Clinic audit programme
Principles and objectives of the clinic audit are to:

  • ensure that there is an agreed standard of service throughout our clinics, in terms of organisation, systems, practices and standard of healthcare;
  • ensure that Life Occupational Health standards, policies, protocols and procedures are implemented to guarantee a high standard of professional practice within clinics;
  • assess and evaluate clinics objectively in order to implement corrective action should areas of non-conformance arise;
  • ensure compliance with legislation;
  • maintain, improve and review the quality and standard of the service to the client;
  • assist with performance management and provide objective feedback to clinic staff; and
  • determine development and training needs of staff to ensure they remain updated and experienced.