Our team

Our staff and management at Life Occupational Health are specialists in their field. All on-site medical examinations, assessments, treatment and training are performed by registered personnel with the necessary know-how and experience required to deliver a superior service.

Life Occupational Health employs nursing staff and doctors who are both registered and qualified in occupational health. Our nurses have membership with the Professional Society of Occupational Health Nurses and attend the society’s continuing educational workshop seminars. Monthly workshops are held on specific occupational and primary healthcare topics. Staff members are trained on the use of medical screening equipment, and there is annual training on CPR, first aid and emergency treatment skills. Furthermore, specific training courses are developed for Life Occupational Health through the Life College of Learning.

All Life Occupational Health staff members participate in ongoing quality training. This reinforces the importance of quality in delivery of service and embraces caring principles of empathy, ethics, excellence, energy and empowerment.